Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Lens

Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Lens Dual 1080p Dash Cam for Front and Inside Recording


The Vantrue dash cam comes with the perfect mid-range for recording high-quality videos. It has an infrared setting that allows you to even record in pitch black. The infrared works as a thermal sensor that allows the camera to detect motion even at night.

The recording quality of the Vantrue dash cam is one of the best. It enables 1080P video recording even when the vehicle is shaky. With a wide 140 degrees recording radius, you can record any movement in front of your car.

The camera is a dual-facing camera. That means, it will record what’s going outside along with what’s going inside. If you carry a lot of passengers each day, this feature is a must for you. It will keep the records of your passenger's activities along with yours. You can store them for evidence in the future.

The Vantrue has a special parking mode feature that allows the users to park their vehicle perfectly. The camera detects motion as soon as it gets nearly in contact with the car's radius. 

The camera starts up at ignition and does not allow any lights that can irritate you.

The camera has a solid setup with extra protection against environmental issues. It works perfectly on a rough surface. The back of the camera has a gyrosensor stand. It keeps the camera at a steady state.


· Enables 140-degree recording with inside and outside simultaneous recording

· Has extreme stability at rough terrains

· Motion sensors with vehicle parking assistance

· Infrared sensors for recording even in darkness

· 1080P high definition recording


· Small storage capacity


Memory card compatibility

Vantrue N2 Pro/N2


Vid format/supp: Dual mode 1080P,720P Single Front Cam mode 1440P

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: MicroSDHC

Memory Expandable: Over 32GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:

Samsung Pro Endurance 

Samsung Evo Card


Garmin 45,55,65W


Vid format/supp: 720p,1080p,1040p

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: Micro SD,SDHC

Memory Expandable: Over 32GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:






Thinkware 770F

Vid format/supp: 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH 

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: Micro SD


Memory Expandable: Up 64GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:

Samsung pro endurance 64gb

Samsung pro evo 64gb



  •  be sure to buy a genuine Samsung card made in either Korea or the Philippians. 
  • If you have the necessary budget Thinkware Micro SD card is highly recommended


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