Thinkware Dash Cam F770

The Thinkware dash cam is a unique quality dash cam with some amazing features. Its coolest feature is the super night vision mode. It allows automatic correction of recording images even if the surrounding is pitch black. It’s because of the high-quality infrared sensor fitted in the camera. This sensor detects motion through thermal scanning. That produces a 

clear image of the object at sight along with its distance from the camera.

Another unique feature of the Thinkware dash cam is its time lapse capability. That means, no more wasted hours of parked recordings. You can just skip the video during the time your car is parked.

The camera has a high definition feature of high image processing. The images get a clear in-depth view. It covers a radius of 140 degrees in both outside and inside. That means total security for your car at all times.

One of the best features of this camera is the approaching vehicle warning system. It detects the motion signatures of nearby cars and warns about the nearest car that could cause damage. If any car comes within your car's radius, you will know it.

The wide-angle camera enables the sensors to allow lane crossing vehicle warning capability. It can warn or notify the driver about vehicles that are requesting for a lane change.


· Wide angle camera with high definition recording

· Crystal clear nighttime image even in darkness

· Integrated infrared image sensors

· Vehicle warning system

· Time-lapse feature for parking time


· No cons at all

Memory card compatibility

Thinkware 770F


Vid format/supp: 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH 

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: Micro SD


Memory Expandable: Up 64GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:

Samsung pro endurance 64gb

Samsung pro evo 64gb


Vantrue N2 Pro/N2


Vid format/supp: Dual mode 1080P,720P Single Front Cam mode 1440P

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: MicroSDHC

Memory Expandable: Over 32GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:

Samsung Pro Endurance 

Samsung Evo Card


Garmin 45,55,65W


Vid format/supp: 720p,1080p,1040p

Vid speed /class: 10 class

Memory type support: Micro SD,SDHC

Memory Expandable: Over 32GB

Micro SD Card Compatible:







  • To maintain good read/write performance ,Save the important videos to your PC 
  • The microSD card should be formatted every 1-2 two

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The Thinkware F770 is the top choice for parked recording with two cameras.