The innovators from Auto-Vox have introduced the world to a new form of Backup Camera for vehicles. The Solar 1 is the ultimate solution to the frequent problems faced by car owners. Without further ado, let's find out more about the best car backup camera!

Camera Specifications

· Weight: 3.1 Pounds

· Dimensions: 14.2x8.7x2.9 inches

· Required Batteries: Lithium Polymer (2)

· Night Vision: Enabled

Why Consider Auto-Vox Solar 1?

1. No Wires Needed

With the easy installation manual, you won’t even need to connect any wires to the main vehicle frame. The Solar 1 runs on battery power and it supports plug and play technology.

2. Recharge With Solar Power

The battery of the Solar 1 can be recharged using solar power directly. The exterior has a solar panel installed that connects to the battery and automatically recharges the battery whenever it comes in contact with the sun.

1. High Quality Images

The best thing that can happen while you drive is getting a clear view of the vehicles around you. That gives a clear concept of how you can drive efficiently. Thankfully, the Solar 1 provides high quality images so the driver can be sure of everything behind him.

2. Real-time Image  Processing

Most of the vehicle backup cameras lag when it comes to providing glitch free, real-time images. But, the Solar 1 provides high quality image in perfectly real-time and without any type of processing error or glitches. 

3. Infrared Night Vision

The Solar 1 comes with infrared imaging sensors that make up crystal clear images even in the darkest nights. This technology is used by the military in night vision lenses.

4. Easy Alternatives

The usage of the Solar 1 is not limited to backup. You can use the camera at the back or at the front. You can even mirror the images according to your choice.

5. Plug and Play

The camera comes with plug and play technology. You don’t need to go through the hassle of constantly going through different wires and setup processes. Just mount and enjoy your backup camera.


Features of Auto-Vox Solar 1 Backup Camera


Effortless Installation

Enjoy your coffee while you setup this backup camera. The Solar 1 comes with Plug and Play technology that enables you to just mount the camera at its place and start using immediately!



Recharge with USB

The Solar 1 comes with an USB port that can be used to fast charge the batteries. You can use a power bank or your vehicles power source to recharge the batteries while your vehicle is parked!

Solar Power

The most intriguing feature of the Solar 1 is the solar recharging option. The camera can run without any recharge for up to 12 months through the solar panel installed on top of it!


If you’re concerned about the image quality, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. The stability and image processing capability of this camera is mind blowing. It can even provide smooth video transition while you’re driving on rough surfaces! 


Crystal Clear Night Vision

Infrared technology is the pioneer of modern night vision cameras and the Solar 1 comes with the latest infrared technology used by the military.


For hassle free driving even in bad weather conditions, the Solar 1 comes with water and dust proof technology. On top of that, the smooth finishing on the exterior keeps water and dust out of the lenses!


Dual Usage

There are no limitations to the usage of this amazing camera. You can use it as a front camera by switching the mirror image option too!



Parking Modes

With 6 different parking modes, choose the one you’re most comfortable with while parking!

The Auto-Vox Solar 1 is the ultimate solution to the road transition and parking problems of the drivers around the world. Get your solution right now!


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