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Best Dash Cams for Parking Mode

What’s a parking mode? How is it relevant to my dash cam? If you have been asking yourself these questions, look no further. As a car mechanic and product reviewer, I have been searching for the best dash cams for parking mode.

I’ve stumbled upon some of the best and unique dash cams that are perfect for the security of your car. But before I start with that, let’s go through the parking mode feature and know its benefits. 

Dash Cam Parking Mode

The dash cam you’ve installed or want to install is the chief security officer when it comes to your car. It records every detail after you start the car and go on your endeavors. But, what if your car faces any form of vandalism or security threats while you’re away? Well, this concept gave the birth of parking mode in dash cams.

Parking mode is the key feature that helps you identify the threats happening to your car while it’s parked. When you leave your car, parked somewhere safe, it isn’t really a hundred percent safe. Anyone can try to break in or do any type of damage. A rogue car can even perform a hit and run and you won’t be there to resolve that. On top of that, you would have to pay for the maintenance from your pocket.

That’s where the parking mode comes in handy. It would keep the records of all types of activities while you’re away.

Types of Parking Mode Features :

There are certainly many types of features that help to make parking mode better for you. Let’s go through the key features that enable users to have a mind-blowing experience:

Time-lapse Mode

The simple parking mode denotes all-time recording while you are away. If a dash cam has this feature, it will keep records of every second while you’re away from your car. With nearly 1fps video recording, you will have footage of every second. This mode comes in handy to those who use their car more and park at busy places.

Simple Mode

The simple parking mode feature allows the dash cam to record only the incidents. When the device detects motion around your car, it starts recording immediately. It records in high quality. This is the best option when you’re looking for energy efficiency. But, the problem with this one is, it can’t always detect the correct motion and may sometimes record unnecessary footages.

Buffered Mode

Buffered parking mode is similar to simple parking mode. But, the key difference is that the camera is always on in buffered mode. The camera keeps recording everything but chooses which one’s to save. If it detects motions around a fixed radius of the car, it acts accordingly and saves the footage to the internal space.

Best Dash Cams with Parking Mode

Now that you know how parking mode works and why you need it, let’s get down to a list of the best dash cams with parking mode feature. I’ll differentiate between them so you can find the perfect one for you. Let’s go then:

Low-Cost Dash Cams Anker Roav C1 – The Most User-Friendly Dash Cam

dashcam parking mode selection by mycamcar

Anker Roav DashCam C1 Car Driving Recorder with Sony Sensor

If you look for the easiest to use dash cam on the internet, the search results will show you this one. The Anker Roav C1 is the perfect example of high quality camera at the cheapest price. Let’s learn about the core benefits of this dash cam:

Portable and Easy

Look at how small the dash cam is. You can fit it anywhere in your car and save space. The wiring of the dash cam is pretty easy. You can just use it through batteries as it has the lowest power consumption.


No additional wiring or tools cost is needed for this dash cam. You can just install it on your dashboard and forget about it. It will keep tracks of your car while it’s in parking mode.


The dash cam is highly reliable due to the simple parking mode feature. It takes 7 seconds to wake up after detecting motion or impact. The camera records at a higher quality than most other cheap cameras.

Dual Cam Veckle Mini 0906– The Budget-Friendly Multi-stage Dash Cam

dashcam parking mode selection by mycamcar

Dual Dash Cam, Veckle Mini 0906 Dual Channel 1080P FHD

The Chinese have the upper hand when it comes to technology and this camera is one of their great innovations. Being the cheapest dual channel dash cam in the market, the Mini 0906 offers a lot of features for the users.

Cheap and Efficient

The best thing about this camera is that it’s budget-friendly and efficient. It has the best qualities but does not require much attention. It can record at a high quality despite being cheap.

Time-lapse feature

The time-lapse feature of this dash cam is unique. It has a 15 seconds normal recording time when it senses any type of motion or threats. The video recording is of high quality and it can record like a pro.

CPL Filter

The camera comes with a CPL filter. This feature allows the dash cam to reduce reflections coming out or the windshields. That provides a smooth video feed while on the go.

Check out this great video  Dual Dash Cam, Veckle Mini 0906 Dual Channel 1080P FHD Recorder with GPS CPL Filter Sony Night vision Exmor sensor7 Lens wide angle.

Mid Ranged Dash Cam Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO – Best Dash

dashcam parking mode selection by mycamcar

Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO Dash Camera

With an optional rear camera, the Street Guardian dash cam comes with the best experience in single-channel recording. The camera may seem like an ordinary dash cam but isn’t. With some hard to find features, this dash cam provides hundred percent customer satisfaction. Let’s see some of its core features:

High-Quality Recording

The dash cam records at 60fps which is very rare for a mid-range priced dash cam. The recording quality is very sharp. It can also record at a swiveled angle of nearly 90 degrees. This feature makes it more suitable for longer-ranged usage.

Efficient Accessories

The dash cam comes with many different accessories. It comes with an integrated GPS antenna that can notify you about the condition of your car from any distance. There are a set of other tools like filters, mounting pads, adhesives, etc that are provided with the dash cam itself.

Time-lapse Mode

The dash cam has a unique time-lapse feature that records videos at 60fps at the front and 30fps at the rear. The recording quality at both ends is better than most other dash cams.

High-End Dash Cam BlackVue DR750S-2CH – The Cost-Efficient All-Around Dash Cam

dashcam parking mode selection by mycamcar

BlackVue DR750S-2CH

With a budget-friendly price, the BlackVue dash cam comes with the most user favorite features. Here are some of the key features of this dash cam:

Cloud View

The cloud view feature enables the users to get live feed from their dash cam directly to their phones or laptops. It’s a unique feature that ensures security to the top level. You can check the condition of your car at any times. The dash cam will also send notifications to the desired port when it seems relevant.

Different Parking Modes

The dash cam comes with buffered and time-lapse parking modes. You can select the mode you need according to the situation you’re in. There’s no hassle of forgetting also. 

Automatic Switching

This is by far the most unique feature of this dash cam. It acts on itself whenever your car sits idle for more than five seconds. That means, you don’t need to every time set the feature on whenever you leave your car. It will detect usage and act accordingly.

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