How To Setup A Dash Cam

Setting up a dash cam is not for the dim-witted. It means that you will need to be an intermediate at car repair to set up your own dash cam. Setting up a dash cam would include wiring within the bars of it. You would need the knowledge of car wiring system and some experience in it. If you have both, let’s proceed with the steps of how to set up your own dash cam: 

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Step 1: Decide Where To Fit It

The first step is deciding where to fit your dash cam. It should be out of your driving sight. Adding it in your eyesight will reduce the view and may cause accidents. The front mirror is normally in the middle of the front portion of the car. Place the dash cam down the mirror. It will keep it well out of your view and still record everything perfectly.

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Step 2: Locate The Fuse Box

The front panel of the car has a fuse box installed in it. Your second step would be finding its location. Different type of cars has different types of setup. Most common is the removable panel setting. At the front panel, the fuse box is normally situated below the carrier box. It’s covered with a lid that you might need to remove temporarily to complete the connection.

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Step 3:  Start the Routing Process

To start the routing process, always remember to look at the manuals of both your car and the dash cam. Find which wire goes where. Take the power cable from your dash cam and find the internal wiring system of your car. It is a removable side that has space inside for internal wirings. Find that panel and get the power wire to the below fuse box panel.

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Step 4: Find The Suitable Fuse

There may be many types of fuses in a car. Some might be always turned on and some might start at engine start. Find a fuse that starts with the car and stops with it. To do that, use a voltage tester. It will let you find out the fuse that stays awake at vehicle start.

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Step 5: Add Your Power Cable

This is the final step of your setup and the most important one. Do this with caution and do it precisely. Because a misfit might be the cause of an accident in the future. Read the manual again to be hundred percent sure. To add the cable, take the fuse out carefully. Add the power cable to the desired space as you need to. Reconnect the fuse with the box and make sure it’s tightly connected. Ground the end wire with your car. If you have done that, close the fuse box and check if the power is available or not. If it is, congratulations! You have successfully installed your dash cam on your own!


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