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The Garmin 55 Dash Cam Review : Wide Angle and “Always On” Recording The Garmin dash cam has been one of the most popular dash cams in the year 2019

Garmin 55/35/45

The dash cam has a huge variety of specs that make it one of the best contenders to be written on your bucket list. The Garmin 55 has some amazing sets of skills which I will be discussing with you below. I hope this discussion will help you understand and learn more about The Garmin Dash Cam and also all on dash mounted camera in general. Wide Angle The Garmin Dash Cam has a very wide angle lens which allows it to record the maximum area possible for any camera. The Garmin has a wide angle lens needs a lot of work on the focusing and for that, the camera has been given a focus free focus adjustment. Which allows it to record the wide area having both a permanent and a static focus setting. Low Light Recording The Garmin Dash Cam is really good when it comes to recording in the low light. When you have a Garmin Dash Cam mounted on your dashboard then you don’t have to worry about the time of the day you’re driving in. The specialized camera settings allow it to record the highest quality  videos even in low light. HDR/WDR The Garmin has an amazing HDR/WDR setting which allows it to record the best quality videos even in the darkness and also in the night. The HDR and WDR setting works best even in the 1080p video quality. Size The Garmin Dashcam is one of the smallest ever built dash cams. The camera has a dimension which Is around 5.62cm x 4.05cm x 3.53 cm. The dash cam is so small that it almost becomes unnoticeable if it’s mounted in front of the rear view mirror. The camera also has a weight of only 59.6g. Reliability The Garmin dash cam is one of the most reliable and most durable dash cams ever created. It is completely reliable because it can be used using the WIFI and also has accessibility by voice commands. The dash cam is completely made up for rough use and can withstand so many things and survive without any problem. Sensor The Garmin Dash Cam has a G-sensor which makes it stand out from the other dash cams that are sold in the market. The G-sensor is known and used as an accelerometer. The G-sensor allows the camera to monitor and read the actual acceleration which is also known as G-Force. The dash cam has a strong ability to detect directions change, change of speed aka acceleration and also other various changes by having a G-sensor. GPS Having a perfectly operating GPS makes the Garmin one of the best cams available in the market. The Garmin has one of the most accurate GPS that works using the WIFI and sends back a proper location depending on the time of recording. This allows the recording to be even more precise by having the exact location too. Heat Tolerance This Dash Cam works in a huge range of heat change. Which means, the Garmin Dash Cam works in a large range of temperature difference. It is tested that the cam works from -4 degree Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the user to use it almost maximum times of the year. This cam has one of the best heat tolerance amongst all the other cameras that are currently available in the market. By using this camera in your car you can record everything even in freezing temperature and also a scorching temperature. That’s one of the best qualities this camera has to offer you. Motion Detection One of the crucial specs of a dash cam is its capability to detect the motion changes. Having a G-sensor has made the camera unbelievably strong towards detecting a change in motion. The motion sensing ability allows the camera to detect the acceleration and also the change in direction. It is important to have a good motion detection capability to get the best video quality.    
– Pros: The Garmin dash cam is undoubtedly one of the best dash cams available in the market. The camera has a depth of 1.5inch and a CMOS optical sensor. The camera has a maximum video resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The navigations system is based on GPS. It can work in a wide range of temperature which makes its use very flexible. To be frank, the Garmin Dash Cam is a really great camera to invest in. – Cons: Even Though the Garmin has unlimited good qualities, there are a few things that the camera lacks in. the camera doesn’t have any kind of software that would be useful to use the GPS data. Also, the AVI video files need different third-party software to be opened. The device also has a bad quality which is that it beeps and makes noises pretty often.


Always remember to upgrade the latest firmware and download it directly from the official website before any action done.

If you are using a 64GB Micro SD card, please format it to FAT32 on your computer first.

Memory type a SD, format it to FAT16 on computer
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