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What’s A Car Dash Cam?

If you own a car and don’t know what a dash cam is then you are definitely missing out on a big thing from your everyday accessories! To put it easily, dash cams are regular cameras which can be mounted on the dashboard of your car and because of that is called a dash cam. A dash cam can be attached to other places than just the dashboard. Such as the windshield, the seats, and other places. 

If you’re looking to buy a dash cam, I must tell you that it’s not an easy task to choose a brand but it’s also not very hard because every dash cam has a few core qualities that are maintained in each and every one of them. Most of them run on 12V DC, have a feature which allows them to record non-stop and they have the capability to automatically overwrite the previous data and store newly recorded data.

The Best Dash Cameras in the Market of 2019

There are many qualities and specifications a dash cam has that makes it better than other dash cams. Every Dash Cam that is ever built has a basic set of quality which includes features such as:

Non-Stop Recording

Wide Angle camera

Rechargeable battery

Mounting capability


Motion Detection

Night Mode

Small and efficient

Collision Detection

These are one of the most primary qualities that a decent dash cam should have. Even after having these qualities, dash cams make themselves stand out from the others by having many other exciting and extra features. In this article, I will talk to you about some of the best dash cams for cars. So stay with me to know all about the best dash cams and get ready to select the dream dash cam for your car.

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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Lens Dual 1080p Dash Cam for Front and Inside Recording 

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Thinkware Dash Cam F770


Q: Why has a dash cam become a must for drivers?

A: Nowadays, driving has become one of the riskiest works. You need extra pairs of eyes to cope up with the traffic and save yourself from accidents. These dash cams are like those extra pair of eyes you need. With special sensors and logging capability, dash cams are the true friends of drivers.

Q: How can the dash camera protect me while driving?

A: The dash camera comes with integrated sensors for image processing. The cameras are equipped with infrared technology that can detect objects with thermal imaging. It has countless warning systems like brake warning, lane crossing vehicle warning, approaching vehicle warning, etc. You can adjust these settings as per your choice too.

Q: Can a dash cam be used as evidence in a car accident case?

A: Yes, a dash cam can be used as evidence in a car accident case. A dash cam records everything after you start your car till you stop it. Most of the dash cams now offer a wide-angle view, which records everything happening in a selected radius. It will surely record if an accident occurs during driving. It cannot be tampered or destroyed even with fire. You can easily use it in a case as evidence.

Q: Does a dash cam reduce your insurance?

A: That’s a common question between car owners. To answer, I would like to say that, the aftermarket object which causes damage to your car will damage your insurance too. Despite that, no other parts can reduce your insurance.

A dash cam mostly never works as the reason for the accident. That’s why a dash cam can never reduce your insurance even if your car dealer says so.

Q: Do dash cameras work when the car is off?

A: That’s completely up to you. It depends on which fuse connection you attach it to. If you attach it to the fuse which is always on, it will stay awake at all time. If you attach it to the fuse which starts with engine start, it will start with the engine and stop with it.

Again, you can customize the settings yourself. You can select when the dash cam will record and when it will not. You can also put it into the time-lapse mode, as it would take less hard drive space.

Q: Do dash cameras always record?

A: Dash cameras always record everything happening inside and outside of your car while you are driving it. It has adjustable settings that allow you to keep it awake even when the car is not running. It can ensure proper security to your car.

Q: Is a go pro good dash cam?

A: A go pro is not good as a dash cam. It cannot process images at higher speeds. The image depth needed to secure a car is provided only by a good quality dash cam.

Q: What is the IR dash cam?

A: An IR dash cam or infrared dash cam has the ability to provide better images at night with an extra pair of thermal sensors. It can provide you crystal clear view of the road and traffic even in the darkness. This technology is mainly used by military personnel to see enemy grounds. 


Driving is by far the most unique experience one can have. There are unexpected moments waiting for you at every turn. Even if there are experienced and responsible drivers out there, most of the drivers nowadays don’t even look before they take a turn.

For staying out of harm’s door, you need an extra pair of sensors. Dash cams work as an extra pair of eyes and ears for you. They provide the best driving experience through precision in driving angles.

We have already provided a list of some of the best dash cams reviewed by our team. So, the next question is, when are you getting/upgrading your dash cam? Look at our review to know which one is perfect for you. Have a good day!

Dual lens VANTRUE N2 listed mycamcar

Amanda Lee


The 3 Lens Camera is a Great camera quality. it has parking mode. Inside cabin recording works great too.

Dual lens VANTRUE N2 listed mycamcar

Adam Cheise


“The vantrue is a Great camera quality.

GARMIN dashcam 55 listed mycamcar

Mike Stuart



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