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His pioneering efforts have helped to recognize in trauma victims the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and have pushed the limits of understanding how the human brain may process and resolve such pain. Van der Kolk believes that 38 EMPOWERING CHILDREN THROUGH ART AND EXPRESSION human vulnerability and physical helplessness are the number one factors in the development of serious post-traumatic symptoms. Traumatic memories of this nature, according to Van der Kolk, often result in people being unable to modulate their autonomic arousal.

It is as if the weight of the personal suffering has been lifted momentarily in order to catch a glimpse of some other meaning, some different pathway that may allow such diverse realities to co-exist. Perhaps the door opens momentarily when the imaginative realm, the creative will, the spiritual content, the possibility of hope and transformation can be exercised. Personal freedom to enter such a domain is often not the first conscious choice and yet such choices are made possible when in the imaginative and creative realms.

Where there is no room for reflection, there is none either for justice or prudence. The powerful wield their power with no suspicion that there could be consequences to their deeds. Fate often brings the consequences home for them to bear. Often the balance of power is that chance opens them to misfortune. With no protection, the armor is gone and nothing shields them from the tears and loss. This retribution which has a geometrical rigor operates automatically to penalize the abuse of force. What goes around comes around.

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