Advances in Unsaturated Soils by Bernardo Caicedo; Carol Murillo; et al

By Bernardo Caicedo; Carol Murillo; et al

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On the basis of equations (1c) and (1d), this suggests that in windless conditions, no evaporation will take place during this time (Figure 3). Measurements show that this is not so. 4. The present approach (equations (1c) and (1d)) leads to the conclusion that no evaporation occurs between sunset and sunrise because the incoming solar radiation is zero during this period. Common experience is that drying and therefore evaporation does occur at night, and this is shown by measurements reported in this paper (Figures 7 and 8).

The shrinkage curve for a soil provides information on changes in overall volume as soil suction is changed. indb 19 12/27/2012 4:57:16 PM Figure 3. Volume-mass pathways for a variety of possible geotechnical engineering situations. Figure 4. Digital micrometer used for the measurement of the diameter and thickness of shrinkage specimens. The shrinkage curve can be experimentally measured from initial high water content conditions to completely dry conditions. A digital micrometer can be used for the measurement of the volume at various stages of drying as shown in Figure 4.

The estimation of realistic hydraulic conductivity functions depends on the separation of volume changes that might occur while the soil remains saturated from volume changes that occur as the soil desaturates. Conventional testing procedures adopted within soil physics have not made a clear distinction between these two volume change mechanisms. Direct acceptance and adoption of soil physics SWCC testing procedures can result in serious deficiencies when testing materials that undergo volume change as soil suction is increased.

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