Absorption and Space Reddening in the Galaxy as Shown by the by Stebbins J.

By Stebbins J.

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Substrate specificity was rather poor as several Damino acids could be accepted and subsequently incorporated into murein. Incorporation of D-met was not the direct cause for bacteriolysis, which was rather assigned to a direct inhibitory action on PBPs. , 1993b). The low substrate specificity and harmless nature of the D-amino acid exchange reaction could be exploited to label sacculi with an easily detectable molecule not naturally found in murein. Detection of the modifying residue in particular regions after a chase period would define the murein as "old".

Introduction Since the early days of research on the biology of the bacterial cell envelope it was clearly stated that the murein (peptidoglycan) layer or sacculus, was the element responsible for the high mechanical strength of the cell wall (Weidel and Pelzer, 1964). Furthermore it was soon realized that the net-like, covalently closed structure of the sacculus was particularly well suited to maintain cell shape whilst standing the high turgor pressure exerted by the cytosol against the cytoplasmic membrane of the cell.

J. and Lamond, A. I. Metabolic complexity in the RNA world and implications for the origin of protein synthesis. J. Mol. Evol. 30, 7-15. Gilbert, W. (1986) The RNA world. Nature 319, 618. Hammes, G. G. and Schullery, S. E. (1970) Structure of molecular aggregates. II. Construction of model membranes from phospholipids and polypeptides. Biochemistry 9: 2555-2563. Hargreaves, W. R. and Deamer, D. W. (1978a) Origin and early evolution of bilayer membranes. In D. W. Deamer (ed), Light-Transducing membranes: structure, function, and evolution (Academic Press, New York).

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